Cremo Shave Cream Review: The Slick Solution for a Smooth Shave”

by Jay Kang | Posted on April 6th, 2023
Cremo Barber Grade Original Shave Cream

So, you’re on the hunt for a shaving cream that checks all the boxes: smooth shave, easy application, and skin-loving ingredients. Look no further, my friend! Cremo Shave Cream is here to save the day.

As an avid wet shaver and grooming enthusiast, I’m excited to share my thoughts on this unique shaving cream that has garnered quite the buzz. Let’s dive in!

The Story Behind Cremo

Cremo is no ordinary shaving company—it’s a brand born from a desire for excellence. Based in sunny California, Cremo was founded by a duo of determined entrepreneurs who were fed up with the lackluster shaving creams on the market. Rather than grumble, they took matters into their own hands and created Cremo Shave Cream.

Fast forward to today, Cremo has blossomed into a grooming powerhouse, boasting an impressive lineup of products, including shave creams, beard oils, shampoos, and conditioners. With widespread availability at major retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and CVS, Cremo has become a household name for grooming enthusiasts nationwide.

Unboxing Cremo Shave Cream: First Impressions

As I unboxed my tube of Cremo Shave Cream, I was immediately struck by its minimalist packaging. Sleek, simple, and to the point—just the way I like it. The cream comes in a convenient tube, making it perfect for travel. I also noticed that it’s available in a variety of delightful scents, including Classic, Cooling, Sage & Citrus, Sandalwood, Silver Water & Birch, and Unscented. As a fan of earthy fragrances, I opted for the Sandalwood scent.

One thing that stood out to me was the list of all-natural ingredients on the label. With skin-loving elements like Macadamia Seed Oil, Aloe, Calendula Extract, Lemon Extract, Papaya Extract, and Olive Leaf Extract, I knew I was in for a treat.

Pros and Cons of Cremo Shave Cream

Before diving into the details, let’s summarize the pros and cons of Cremo Shave Cream:


  • Exceptionally slick lubricant prevents razor burn and irritation.
  • Effortless application with bare hands—no brush needed.
  • Convenient travel-friendly tube packaging.
  • Natural ingredients like Macadamia Seed Oil and Aloe nourish the skin.


  • Produces minimal lather, which may not suit all preferences.
  • May need to reapply for multiple passes.

Product Overview and Comparison

To give you a clearer picture of how Cremo Shave Cream compares to its competitors, I’ve put together the following table:

FeatureCremo Shave CreamTaylor of Old Bond StreetJack Black Beard Lube
Natural IngredientsYesYesYes
Scents AvailableMultiple (Classic, Cooling, Sage & Citrus, Sandalwood, Silver Water & Birch, Unscented)MultipleLimited
Application MethodBare HandsShaving BrushBare Hands
Ideal ForCartridge Razor Users, Quick Shaves, TravelersTraditional Wet Shaving EnthusiastsPrecision Shaving Around Facial Hair
Travel-Friendly PackagingYes (Tube)NoYes (Tube)
Key IngredientsMacadamia Seed Oil, Aloe, Calendula Extract, Lemon Extract, Papaya Extract, Olive Leaf ExtractGlycerin, Coconut Oil, FragranceMacadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Menthol, Eucalyptus

Putting Cremo to the Test: My Shaving Experience

Let’s talk about the shave itself. When it comes to shaving creams, the two things I care about the most are lubrication and ease of application. Cremo exceeded my expectations on both fronts!

The cream boasts a premium lubricant that doesn’t produce much lather, which I found intriguing. As I applied it to my face, the razor glided effortlessly, minimizing the risk of razor burn, irritation, and nicks. The lack of lather, which might be a downside for some, proved advantageous for me as a cartridge razor user—it didn’t clog my blades!

One of the highlights of Cremo Shave Cream is how easy it is to apply. All I needed were my bare hands, warm water, and an almond-sized dollop of the cream. I rubbed my hands together for about 10 seconds and applied the product to my face. It was that simple.

The Results: Smooth and Nourished Skin

The results speak for themselves. My skin felt smooth, nourished, and refreshed post-shave. The Sandalwood scent was mild and pleasant, leaving me with a sense of calm. The combination of Macadamia Seed Oil and Aloe worked wonders in keeping my skin hydrated and healthy.

Who Is Cremo Shave Cream For?

In my opinion, Cremo Shave Cream is a versatile product that suits various shaving needs. Here’s who I think can benefit from it:

  • Those with light stubble or minimal facial hair—Cremo’s minimal lather won’t be an issue.
  • Busy folks in need of a quick shave—no need to prep and load a shaving brush.
  • Travelers—Cremo’s tube packaging and brushless application save space in your dopp kit.
  • Cartridge razor users—Cremo’s slickness and lack of lather prevent blade clogging.

The Verdict: A Shaving Cream Worth Trying

In conclusion, Cremo Shave Cream has earned a spot in my grooming routine. With its top-notch lubrication, natural ingredients, and ease of use, it’s a high-quality shaving cream that delivers a superior shave. Whether you have light stubble, are on-the-go, or use a cartridge razor, Cremo is a fantastic option to consider.

Final Thoughts

As you venture into the world of wet shaving, remember to keep an open mind and explore different products to find what works best for you. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination. And with Cremo Shave Cream by your side, that journey is bound to be a smooth one. Happy shaving!

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