6 Best Safety Razors To Buy For Your Needs

by Jay Kang | Updated on April 6th, 2023
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Safety razors have gained popularity in recent years to avoid razor bumps. Before the invention of safety razors, most men relied on barbers to perform their shaving.

But now it is very convenient to use that men would rather do their shaving at home rather than go to barbershops.

If you feel bombarded with thousands of safety razor options, don’t worry; we have your back. In this article, we compiled our top picks for safety razors. You can never go wrong with any of our recommendations.

The best safety razors: our top picks

Our top safety razor picks are based on the abovementioned factors. You can never go wrong buying any of these. Just make sure it fits your needs and preferences.

Parker 99R

Parker’s 2010 redesign of the butterfly safety razor’s head has effectively given the company a monopoly on the market.  Despite the Parker 99R’s one-piece construction, known for being less durable than that of two- or three-piece razors, it is quite durable. It is made of brass, making it sturdy and resistant to rust.

Additionally, its blade can easily and rapidly be swapped by simply twisting the razor’s handle. Hence, changing blades after every 5 to 7 uses won’t be a problem.


  • Easy-to-load
  • Great for expert shavers
  • Twistable handle for easy unlocking
  • 4-inch handle made from non slip material
  • Constructed from 3.4 oz of solid chrome-plated brass

Merkur 34C Heavy-duty Short-Handle Safety Razor

For those who are just getting started with safety razors, the Merkur 34C is a great choice because its handle is the smallest on this list. You’ll need very little effort to use it. You must unscrew the top, insert the single blade, and tighten the screw.

The chrome-plated die-cast zinc two-piece razor head has no moving parts, so that it can survive many blade swaps.  In terms of size, it weighs 77 grams, which is significantly heavier than other razors of comparable size. However, it is still within the typical weight of a safety razor.

Merkur, a Germany-based company, manufactures this heavy-duty safety razor. This brand is known for its reasonable prices and reputation for reliable production. The 34C’s two-piece design, which includes a standard-sized head and a short, hefty handle, dates back to the 1930s and provides an especially effective shave.


  • Easy-to-replace blades
  • Provides a close shave
  • Short handle of 3 inches
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Durable two-piece design
  • Works with standard double-edge blades

Bevel Safety Razor

This razor from Bevel is our top recommendation if you have a sensitive skin type. The Bevel Safety Razor is a three-part safety razor with a solid safety bar rather than a scalloped one. This presses the skin down, which keeps the razor from getting too close to the surface. You’ll have a close, comfortable shave thanks to this razor. The blades’ proximity to the skin eliminates the risk of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and burns.

It weighs 3.1 ounces (88g) and is 4.25 inches long, making it relatively large. Bevel has a brass frame to offer the necessary heft. In addition, it has a dual finish on the grip: matte and shiny. However, its smooth finish could make shaving tricky.

Hence, the Bevel Safety Razor allows males to avoid razor bumps. It has a polished and brushed appearance and is made of brass.  These safety razors were developed for guys with coarse and curly hair, but they perform admirably on any other type of hair.

The manufacturer, Bevel, has been specializing in men’s care products since 2013. Bevel was established on the principle that all men, regardless of hair texture or color, should have access to high-quality safety razors.


  • 10 blades included
  • Provides a close shave
  • Great for sensitive skin type
  • Compatible with standard blades from different brands

Edwin Jagger DE89

7,257 Reviews

For beginner users, you might want to try the Edwin Jagger DE89. Simplicity is key when first learning how to shave with a wet razor, which is why the Edwin Jagger DE89 is such a great option. The Edwin Jagger safety razor consists of three parts: the grip, the blade, and the guard. The sturdy construction of the chrome head, which impacts shaving performance, is what wins these razors’ devoted users for life.

It has low aggressiveness, which is ideal for most men. In terms of dimensions, both the short- and long-handled versions of this razor are incredibly lightweight at just 2 to 4 ounces. Switching from disposable razors to a DE89 safety razor would make this feel quite hefty. However, switching from a different brand may feel lighter than other wet shavers. It is because, due to the razor head design, it feels much heavier than it is.

With this safety razor, loading the blades is very easy. First, remove the razor head, slide the replacement blade between the two halves of the razor, and last, reassemble the razor by putting the handle back into the head.

The manufacturer, Edwin Jagger, is an English firm run by a family. It has been operating since 1988 and makes high-quality, classic shaving supplies. Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razors are one example of how the company maintains its position as a leading contender in the male grooming market.


  • Not slippery
  • User and beginner-friendly
  • Has different handle options
  • Works great for both beginner and experienced wet shavers

Muhle R41 Open-Comb Safety Razor

The Mühle R41 is a professional-grade double-edged safety razor with a conventional open comb design for wet shaving thick hair. The razor’s open comb design is meant to eliminate every last trace of facial hair, leaving your skin as smooth as silk. You may shave with this razor without worrying about clogging, no matter how dense or thick your beard is.

This stunning razor is one of the most aggressive non-straight razors you can use for a close shave with a de blade. Compared to other long-handle razors on the market, its 3.7-inch handle is standard, and at just over two ounces, it’s also rather lightweight.

The grip comes in various colors and materials, from knurled chrome to black to rose gold. This razor’s three-part construction makes it quick and simple to clean. Unscrew the handle and run the razor through some warm water to clean it.  Despite its amazing capabilities, this safety razor is surprisingly affordable.

It is under the Muhle brand, known for making shaving goods for the past 75 years. This brand has a reputation for giving attention to detail and its stark funky aesthetic.


  • Affordable
  • Impressive shave quality
  • Provides aggressive shade
  • Works with any regular double-edge razor blade
  • Easy to clean and with its three-piece construction

Merkur Futur Adjustable Double-Edge Safety Razor

If adjustability is your priority, go for the Merkur Futur Adjustable Double-Edge Safety Razor. This razor has six available blade gap settings that allow you to change the razor’s aggressiveness by twisting the handle to expose more or less of the blade gap. The Futur’s cap snaps on and off, making it simple to swap the blades. Further, any regular double-edge blade will work with the razor.

The Futur is a monster of a safety razor compared to its competitors. At 4.44 ounces, it’s one of the heaviest, but it needs no extra force to cut through even the thickest, coarsest hair. This means that it is neither the sharpest nor most agile razor available.

Therefore, this razor may be difficult to handle if your hand is small or average. The blade cap may be excessively big, according to some males. The Futur may not be the greatest choice for people with trouble shaving around their noses.

In terms of construction, it is made in Germany using top-tier components. Hence, you are assured of a durable and long-lasting razor.


  • Adjustable in 6 settings
  • Clean and simple design
  • No extra pressure needed
  • Comes in different finishes—chrome, gold, and brushed metal

What are safety razors?

A safety razor has a single double-edged blade, unlike cartridge razors that require replacement blades of the same brand. It is more convenient, less annoying, and cost-effective than cartridge alternatives. Hence, the safety razor’s convenience sets it apart from other options. That’s why safety razors are the greatest option for the long haul for daily shavers.

What makes it a “safety razor”?

A safety razor is a shaving tool with a barrier installed between the blade and the user’s skin to prevent cuts and nicks. Because of the enclosed nature of the razor blade, safety razors are also known as double-edged or double-sided razors. Double-edge means that each side can be used as a shaving surface. Furthermore, the double-edge razor’s small blades could be swapped out regularly, making it more convenient for everyday use.

Why safety razors are better options than disposable ones

Some safety razors have blades made of stainless steel, which can be recycled after use. Hence, safety razors are better for the planet. Disposable razors and plastic replacement heads should be phased out immediately to prevent further environmental damage.

Factors to consider when choosing safety razors

Here are some factors to consider before you pick a safety razor.

Razor size

Always consider the razor’s size while shopping for a men’s safety razor. Shaving your neck, cheek, and body is easiest with a razor with a longer handle since it is more comfortable and provides additional weight to the blade. Always remember that less pressure is required for longer strokes if the object is heavier. Meanwhile, if you shave tough spots like the jawlines or head, you need to use a shorter handle.

Blade (double or single-sided)

The blade has a significant impact on the quality of your shave. But remember that you can cut yourself far more easily with the more aggressively angled blades. You can choose between blades with two sides (double-sided or only one. Due to their superior performance, double-sided blades have been employed since 1903. However, single-sided safety razors are still available.

Blade gap

The term “blade gap” refers to the distance between the razor’s safety bar and the blade itself. Most commonly, the distance between the blades is between 0.5 and 1.5 millimeters. The blade gap makes a big difference in how close or close you shave. Since a larger portion of the blade will be visible via a wider gap, aggressiveness will rise, but with a lower distance, there will be lesser aggressiveness in shaving.


The razor handle should be the perfect length for your hands—it shouldn’t be too long or too short. Additionally, it should offer the weight and balance necessary to keep the razor in place and allow the razor head to glide over your face with little effort.


The quality of the shave is closely related to the razor’s weight. If you choose a heavier safety razor, you’ll have more control and stability while shaving. A lighter razor may need more pressure or additional passes to get the same level of closeness. The standard safety razor weight is between 1.3 oz and 4.44 oz.

In other words, if your razor is excessively heavy, it may fall and hurt you in the face. However, if it’s too lightweight, you can accidentally push too firmly on your skin, causing abrasions.

Grip and stability

If your razor has a good grip, you’ll have much more precise control and fewer cuts and scrapes. That is why choose a safety razor that stays put even with damp hands.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I replace safety razors?

The handle and head, and blade have different longevity. A high-quality safety razor (handle and head) can last a very long. As for the blade, it should be thrown out and replaced after seven days of use if you shave every day.

Why are safety razors called “safety razors”?

Safety razors are made with protective shields to stop over-cutting and other inexperienced shaving mistakes. They are, therefore, more secure than other options, which is why they are called “safety razors.”

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