Shaving Mugs vs. Lathering Bowls vs. Scuttles: How to Choose

by Jay Kang | Posted on January 17th, 2023
mug vs bow vs scuttle

Are you a wet-shaving enthusiast looking for the perfect shaving mug or bowl? Have you tried deciding between a classic shaving mug and a lathering bowl?

If so, this blog post is for you! Here we’ll explore the pros and cons of both types of vessels to help you make an informed decision.

Shaving Mugs, Bowls and Scuttles: What’s the Difference?

Shaving mugs, bowls, and scuttles are popular tools for wet shavers. While they may look similar, there are some distinct differences between them.

  • A shaving mug is typically deeper and has a handle, making it easier to grip.
  • Bowls are generally more shallow, but they have texture inside, which helps make lather.
  • Scuttles are double-walled ceramic bowls designed to warm the soap lather while you shave.

While some agents swear by scuttles, you can achieve the same result with a mug or bowl filled with hot water.

Benefits of Shaving Mugs

Shaving mugs and lathering bowls provide a convenient way to build a luxurious lather for your shave. Shaving mugs, generally made from ceramic, are designed to hold soap and hot water.

These mugs’ narrow, the cylindrical shape keeps the lather warm and provides an easy way to load your brush for the perfect shave. Specialty shaving mugs offer more room for the brush to swirl around, resulting in a thick, creamy lather.

Not only do they provide convenience and ease of use, but they also last longer than other lathering containers. You can enjoy your shaving mug for years with proper care and maintenance.

On the downside, shaving mugs are more fragile than other options so they may require more care.

When it comes to specialty shaving mugs, they tend to be a bit wider in design than your average mug. This gives you more room for your brush to swirl around and create a thick and creamy lather. While these mugs may cost a bit more, they can be well worth the extra money for a luxurious shave.

You can find these mugs in different materials like copper and ceramic, which both have their unique benefits. Copper mugs are great for retaining heat and giving a warm lather, while ceramic mugs are great for creating a smooth lather.

Benefits of a Bowl

A bowl is a great tool for those looking to build lather without a brush. Its shape allows the lather to be spread evenly, while the bowl’s thermal insulation helps keep it warm. Bowls also come in various materials, some designed with traditional wet shaving soaps and creams.

The ridged design allows for better grip and control, making generating a thick, creamy lather easier. Additionally, bowls are larger than mugs, which makes them ideal for creating enough lather for multiple passes.

While the traditional ceramic bowl is a classic choice, there are also wooden mugs and even specialty designs with ridges and grooves designed to help create a thick lather without additional water.

Additionally, porcelain bowls retain more heat for your lather, while metallic bowls can sustain more accidents. When selecting the right bowl or mug, consider what materials and features work best for your needs.

What is a Shaving Scuttle?

Shaving mugs, bowls, and scuttles have all been designed to help you get the perfect shave. But the shaving scuttle stands out as the most efficient of the three. A shaving scuttle is a double-walled, ceramic bowl that keeps soap lather warm and ready for multiple shaves.

It looks like a teapot with a handle and can keep lather warmer for longer than a shaving mug or lathering bowl. The design also allows you to create a thicker and creamier lather with less soap or cream than other methods.

So if you’re looking for an efficient way to get the perfect shave, then a shaving scuttle may be just what you need.

Benefits of Using a Shaving Scuttle?

The benefits of using a shaving scuttle are numerous. With a scuttle, you can enjoy a hot lather throughout the shave, which is much more luxurious than other methods. It also helps to use less soap or cream, as the bowl’s ridges help create a creamy, rich lather.

Additionally, the double-walled ceramic design of the scuttle keeps the lather warm throughout the shave. This makes it perfect for those who enjoy traditional wet shaving and face lathering with soaps, creams, and shaving sticks.

On the downside, shaving scuttles tend to be more expensive than mugs or bowls. However, the higher price is worth it if you want a high-quality shave. When choosing a shaving scuttle, consider its size, material, and design so that you get one that suits your needs.

Which One is Right For You?

When it comes to choosing the right shaving vessel for you, it all depends on your preference and needs.

  • Shaving mugs are convenient and can hold hot water, while specialty shaving mugs have more room for the brush to swirl around.
  • Shaving bowls and scuttles are built with lather in mind, as they can keep the lather warm during the shave.
  • Face lathering is enjoyable and requires less paraphernalia than other methods of building lather.

Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you. Consider your needs, preferences, and budget when deciding on which type of shaving vessel is right for you.


In conclusion, all three types of lathering utensils can give you a great shave. However, the shaving scuttle is the clear winner in keeping your lather warm and ready to use for multiple passes.

For those looking for the barbershop experience in the comfort of their own home, the scuttle is the way to go. The classic shaving mug and bowl are also great options, depending on your needs. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which option works best for you and your shaving routine.

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