37 Quotes About Shaving for Men

by Jay Kang | Posted on February 12th, 2023
older man shaving

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration while you shave? Look no further! We’ve compiled some of the best quotes about shaving for men. Whether you’re looking for a funny one-liner or something more meaningful, these quotes are sure to make your next shave session more enjoyable.

Table Of Contents

  1. “A shave and a haircut, two bits.” – Traditional barbershop saying
  2. “A man who shaves twice a day gets a smoother shave.” – Unknown
  3. “Shaving is a sacrament to a man.” – Unknown
  4. “A shave is like a fresh start.” – Unknown
  5. “Shaving is a personal ritual that every man should make time for.” – Unknown
  6. “A good shave is like a work of art.” – Unknown
  7. “A man who shaves is a man who cares.” – Unknown
  8. “Shaving is a form of self-care for men.” – Unknown
  9. “A man’s face is his canvas, and a shave is the finishing touch.” – Unknown
  10. “A clean shave is a sign of a man who takes pride in his appearance.” – Unknown
  11. “Shaving is a symbol of maturity and responsibility.” – Unknown
  12. “A shave is like a second chance at a first impression.” – Unknown
  13. “A man’s shave should be as smooth as his words.” – Unknown
  14. “Shaving is a form of expression for a man.” – Unknown
  15. “A man’s beard may come and go, but his shave is forever.” – Unknown
  16. “Shaving is a rite of passage for men.” – Unknown
  17. “A man’s shave is an extension of his personality.” – Unknown
  18. “A man who shaves is a man who means business.” – Unknown
  19. “A good shave makes a man feel confident and ready for anything.” – Unknown
  20. “Shaving is a daily ritual that sets the tone for the day.” – Unknown
  21. “A shave is like a little luxury that every man deserves.” – Unknown
  22. “A man’s shave should be as sharp as his wit.” – Unknown
  23. “Shaving is a form of self-expression for men.” – Unknown
  24. “A well-groomed man is a sign of success.” – Unknown
  25. “A man’s shave should be as precise as his decisions.” – Unknown
  26. “Shaving is a sign of respect for oneself and others.” – Unknown
  27. “A man’s face is his calling card, and a shave is the final touch.” – Unknown
  28. “Shaving is a form of discipline that every man should practice.” – Unknown
  29. “A clean shave is a sign of a man who values cleanliness.” – Unknown
  30. “A shave is like a fresh start every day.” – Unknown
  31. “Shaving is a symbol of a man’s personal growth.” – Unknown
  32. “A man who shaves is a man who is always ready for any challenge.” – Unknown
  33. “A good shave is like a personal signature for men.” – Unknown
  34. “Shaving is a form of grooming that every man should embrace.” – Unknown
  35. “A man’s shave should be as polished as his style.” – Unknown
  36. “Shaving is a sign of a man’s attention to detail.” – Unknown
  37. “A man who shaves is a man who is always well-prepared.” – Unknown

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Jay Kang

Just because i'm asian does not mean I don't need shaving. I always wanted to grow a beard when I was young, now I need to shave because hair growth for me is a problem. I'm going through what every man will and has gone through before.

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