27 Quotes About Barbers

by Jay Kang | Posted on February 12th, 2023

Do you think of barbering and shaving as just a modern-day luxury? Think again! Throughout history, people have been expressing their thoughts on these topics.

We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting quotes about barbering and shaving throughout history right here. Now, I did look for the source of these quotes, but there are so many credited that I could not verify the accuracy of the source. That is why I left the credits blank.

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So get ready to learn something new – let’s dive in!

  1. “A barber is the one who looks at a man’s exterior and shows him his best features.”
  2. “A barber’s job is not just to cut hair”
  3. “A barber is a psychologist with a straight razor.”
  4. “A clean shave can make all the difference in a man’s appearance.”
  5. “A good barber is worth his weight in gold.”
  6. “A man who shaves and takes care of himself exudes confidence.”
  7. “Barbering is an age-old profession that requires both skill and artistry.”
  8. “Shaving is a habit that, once acquired, becomes a pleasure.”
  9. “The art of shaving is a timeless tradition passed down from father to son.”
  10. “The barber is a valuable and trusted confidant for many men.”
  11. “A barber is a man who makes you look good, feel good, and forget all your worries.”
  12. “The barber’s trade has a tradition of trust.”
  13. “Barbering is an art form that requires precision”
  14. “The barber’s job is to make the face look better”
  15. “A good barber can shave a man even when he was asleep.”
  16. “A good razor is better than any other sword in a battle.”
  17. “If you want to be a barber you must learn to trim”
  18. “The barber is the one who makes a man look as if he never had any troubles in life.”
  19. “A barber should not just be technically competent but also have an eye for aesthetics in order to make his customers look fabulous.”
  20. “A good shave can make any man handsome.”
  21. “There are some who take the art of shaving seriously”
  22. “A good barber is a surgeon of the face, and a surgeon of the soul”
  23. “A good barber knows when to use his razor and when to use his scissors”
  24. “It takes two trades to make a gentleman—a barber and a tailor.”
  25. “All men need a barber, no matter their class or wealth or geography”
  26. “The only time two men can truly understand one another is when one is in the barber’s chair and the other holds the razor”
  27. “The barber is the surgeon of the poor, for he cures diseases of the head and face at an easy rate”
  28. “A barber’s chair fits all buttocks—and provides an equal opportunity for all men to look their best!”

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