Create the Ultimate Shaving Experience: How to Make a Hot Towel for Shaving

by Jay Kang | Updated on May 27th, 2023
How To Make a Hot Towel for Shaving

As a grooming enthusiast or someone wanting to elevate their shaving routine, you might be interested in learning how to make a hot towel for shaving at home. This simple yet luxurious practice can provide an unmatched level of comfort and can potentially change your whole shaving experience. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, so you can easily replicate the barbershop experience at home and enjoy the best shave of your life!

Step 1: Cleansing and Exfoliating Your Face

Before embarking on the shave, it’s vital to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This step removes skin oils, dirt, and debris, setting the stage for a smoother, closer shave. Fold a small towel in half lengthwise, soak it in hot water, squeeze out the excess, and press it against your face for a few minutes.

This process opens up your pores and softens the facial hair, making the subsequent shave easier. Once the towel has cooled down, gently rub a facial scrub or exfoliating brush over your face to get rid of any dead skin cells. Rinse off any residue with lukewarm water and pat your face dry before proceeding with the shave.

Step 2: Preparing the Hot Towel

Start by selecting a towel of the right size that can comfortably wrap around your face. Then, run the tap until the water is as hot as you can bear.

Next, there are two primary methods to prepare the hot towel: using a kettle or a microwave. If using a kettle, fill it halfway with water, bring it to a boil, and then carefully pour the boiling water onto the towel. Alternatively, if you’re using a microwave, dampen the towel and heat it for 60 seconds.

Regardless of the method, ensure you wring out the towel so that it’s only damp, not dripping, before applying it to your face. The heat from the water will open your pores, soften your hair, and prepare your skin for shaving, enhancing your overall shaving routine.

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Step 3: Applying the Hot Towel

Now that your hot towel is prepared and your face cleansed and exfoliated, it’s time to apply the hot towel. Press the towel onto your face for about 30 seconds, ensuring that it covers all the areas you plan to shave.

The heat from the towel helps open up your pores, thereby facilitating an easier shave. After 30 seconds, remove the towel and lather your face with a quality shaving cream or gel.

Step 4: Time to Lather Up

With your skin prepared and the hot towel ready, now’s the time to begin the lathering process. Pour your shaving cream of choice into a bowl, and using a shaving brush, whip it into a lather using circular motions.

Dip the lather into some hot water to simulate the effects of a hot towel at home. This will soften your facial hair and make for a smoother shave. Ensure the water’s temperature is just right, as too hot could lead to irritation. Once your face is lathered up, you’re ready to begin shaving with the grain.

Step 5: Shaving with the Grain

Shaving with the grain of the hair growth, as opposed to against it, is an essential step to minimize the risks of cuts and razor burns. Use gentle, short strokes, and rinse your razor often. This will ensure a smooth and even finish without any missed patches. Feel free to reapply the hot towel as necessary, as this will further soften the hair and ease the shaving process.

Step 6: Reapplying the Hot Towel

After you have lathered up and begun shaving, it’s time to reapply the hot towel. This softens the skin and opens up the pores, ensuring a more comfortable shave. Once the towel is reheated, squeeze out excess water and place it firmly on your face again.

Allow the heat from the towel to penetrate your skin for a few minutes before proceeding with the rest of your shave. This preparation ensures the closest, most comfortable shave possible.

Step 7: Rinse and Dry

Once you have finished shaving, it’s time to cleanse and dry your skin. Begin by rinsing the shaved area with a warm cloth or flannel. Pat the skin dry with a clean towel, making sure not to rub, as this could cause irritation. Finally, apply a few drops of essential oil and gently massage it into your skin. This step soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed after your hot towel shave.

Step 8: Applying Aftershave

To round off your shaving routine, apply quality aftershave. An aftershave soothes and moisturizes the skin, reducing potential irritation and razor burn. Start by reapplying the hot towel to your face for a few seconds to open the pores and soften the skin.

Next, apply a good quality aftershave balm and massage it into your skin using a combination of effleurage, petrissage, and tapotement techniques. This will hydrate your skin, protect it from infection, and leave it feeling refreshed. Consider adding an essential oil such as lavender or sandalwood to your aftershave balm for an additional layer of hydration and a pleasing scent.


In summary, crafting a hot towel for shaving at home is a straightforward process that brings significant benefits. Hot towels soften the hair, open the pores, and provide a relaxing, spa-like experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly and easily create your own hot towel and transform your shaving routine. Whether you’re seeking to indulge yourself or gift someone a luxurious shaving experience, a hot towel is the way to go.

By sharing this professional advice, we hope to empower you to take your shaving routine to the next level. After all, there’s no reason why a daily routine can’t also be a luxurious, comforting experience! So go ahead and embrace the art of hot towel shaving—you might just wonder how you ever shaved without it.

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