The Best Shavette Razor: 5 Top-Rated Options

by Jay Kang | Posted on February 7th, 2023
Best Shavette Razor

Looking for the perfect shavette razor to help you get a close, smooth shave every time? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up the best shavette razors on the market today and reviewed them so that you can find the one that suits your needs. Read on to learn more!

By using a shavette razor, you get the best of both worlds. In other words, you’ll have a quality similar to that of a straight razor. It is also hygienic and easy to use. However, some are still undecided on what shavette razor to buy. If you are one of those, then this article is for you!

Our top 5 picks for shavette razor

Based on the factors mentioned above, here are our top 5 picks.

Parker SR1 Shavette Straight Razor

The Parker SR1 was first introduced to consumers as an early electric razor model. It is a classic among wet shavers due to its full stainless steel construction and distinctive characteristics. This clever design makes it durable and long-lasting. Despite its durability, it is fairly lightweight and easy to use, weighing a little under 50 grams.

It’s not hard to understand why the Parker SR1 is regarded as the best in its class, with its cutting-edge features and reasonable pricing.  It has a special clip-to-close mechanism that allows changing a blade quickly and easily, and the blade tips are rounded to prevent cuts.

This mechanism also ensures that the blades stay securely fastened and in the correct position.  Additionally, this shavette will never require sharpening or stropping compared to standard straight razors.

  • Spine Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scales Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1.7 oz
  • Length: 5 3/4 in.
  • Mechanism: Stainless Steel
  • Included Blades: 5


  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Keeps blade aligned through clip-to-close feature
  • Compatible with both single- and double-edged knives

DOVO Folding Shavette Stainless Steel

The DOVO Folding Shavette Stainless Steel is a top-notch razor. Its blade is held securely in position by a sliding mechanism that is very simple to operate. It is also made from full stainless steel, making it resistant to corrosion. Its grip is rubberized with a polished steel spine. In terms of weight, it’s a featherweight shavette, weighing only 27 grams.

True to its name, when talking about electric shavers, nobody does it like Dovo. Dovo, established in 1904 in Germany, is a well-respected provider of straight razors. They were an early adopter of this technology and a patent holder. As a result of its widespread notoriety, the DOVO brand name has been adopted as the universal term for the product.

  • Spine Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scales Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 20g (.8 Oz)
  • Mechanism: Plastic Insert
  • Included Blades: None


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Made by a reputable brand

Equinox Professional Straight Razor

If you are on a budget, you might want to try this one. The Equinox Professional Straight Razor offers every feature you could want in a shaver and then some. Its innovative design and ergonomic grip make it stand out despite coming from an unpopular brand.

In terms of construction, it is made entirely out of stainless steel, making it long-lasting and durable. In addition, along with it are a hundred Derby Premium blades, which can last longer than standard blades if you don’t shave every day. These are single-edged, as opposed to double-edged, blades. Because of this improvement, you won’t waste time chopping them in half before using them.

  • Spine Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scales Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 4.16 Oz
  • Mechanism: Stainless Steel
  • Included Blades: 100


  • Value for money
  • 100 blades included
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Has a 30-day return policy

Falcon Professional Straight Razor for men

You might want to try this shavette from Falcon for those new to shaving. Because it is made of stainless steel, it is rust and corrosion-resistant. With this, you can expect it to last for many years.

Thanks to its design, this tool’s blade sheath and grip provide a nice, even weight distribution. With a secure grip afforded by the ergonomically shaped handle, you can trim your beard with care and precision. The blade lock and blunt end of the shavette make it more user-friendly. It also guarantees that you will get consistent shaving outcomes.

In terms of company reputation, Facon started in 2016. This business is rapidly growing in popularity, all made possible by their commitment to producing high-quality razors.

  • Spine Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scales Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Mechanism: Stainless Steel
  • Included Blades: 100


  • Durable
  • Light and easy-to-use
  • Return policy (lifetime)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Comes with 100 disposable blades

Feather Artist Club SS Japanese Style Razor 

Similar to some of the shavettes razors mentioned above, this one is also made from stainless steel. Hence, it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Additionally, since the handle is made of silicone resin, it is heat-resistant and can even handle up to 2750 degrees Fahrenheit. The said resin also provides a secure grip and a sleek, dark shade.

Changing blades with this one is never an issue. Whenever one of the blades becomes dull, you can slide it into the slot on the spring and replace it. To change blades, pop out the razor head by firmly pinching it.  In addition, the blade is sufficiently exposed due to the shaving head’s rounded shape, making for a comfortable and close shave.

A Japanese company called Feather manufactures this razor.  Feather was established in 1932 and specializes in producing sharp, durable blades and grooming tools.

  • Spine Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scales Material: Elastomer Resin
  • Weight: 45g (1.6 oz)
  • Mechanism: Spring Action
  • Included Blades: None


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Features spring mounting technology
  • Constructed from Japanese stainless steel
  • The handle is resin-covered and resistant to heat
barber shaves a client’s cheek full of shaving foam with a razor in a barber shop. the client is tuned into the chair. both caucasian. green, black and brown.

What is a “Shavette”?

Initially, shavette was not a specific kind of shaving instrument. It is a brand name with a trademark held by Dovo, a German business.

However, over a century, their shavette gained popularity and became well known, and everyone began to call the single-blade straight razors shavettes. Hence, from being a brand name, it transitioned to refer to a term for straight razors.

The advantages of using shavette straight razors

Here are some edges or advantages of shavette straight razors over other options.

It does not need sharpening or honing

Some men may find the sharpening of blades to be a tedious task. With shavette, you do not have to do so. You don’t need to adjust the blade edge before each shave, as shavettes use disposable blades. You only need to insert a fresh blade and are now ready to shave.

They are sanitary

The blades being disposable and replaceable makes it a sanitary or hygienic option. This is essential for barbers who see many clients throughout the day or couples who share shavette.

You’ll always have sharp blades

For those with sensitive skin or a thick beard, a razor with a sharp blade is preferable as it will cause less irritation during shaving. In this case, replaceable blades are convenient since they ensure you always have access to a razor-sharp cutting edge.

You’ll get a better shaving experience

Shavette produces results that are more accurate than those of a straight razor. Hence, with a shavette, you can shave more precisely and closely, thanks to its improved control.

It is perfect for travel

Straight razors are burdensome to travel with since they require periodic stropping and sharpening. Most of the time, you won’t have enough time to do these. Therefore, it is preferable to use shavettes since these have replaceable blades.

What to look for in a good shavette

When shopping for a new Shavette, it’s important to consider the following criteria:

Type of blade used

While the vast majority of shavettes will use standard disposable razors, some will use special, brand-name blades. They may also suggest a non-proprietary blade that works and does an excellent performance.


To a greater extent, the heavier an object is, the more effort it takes to move it. And remember that tired hands and arms make mistakes. Hence, if you do not want to make many mistakes, choose not-so-heavy shavettes. On the other hand, if you’re used to a heavier one and suddenly switch to a lighter one, you might accidentally slash your cheek. So choose one that you are comfortable with.

Material Construction

These are important because they tell you how your razor is made. Before you buy, you need to know what can bend, break, or even fall apart. You should also ensure that your fingers won’t slip through the material.

Loading method

Unlike cartridge razors, there is no universal method for loading razor blades into shavettes; as a result, you need to pay attention to the specific mechanism your shavette employs. A firmer grip on the razor will allow for better precision.


Even though shavettes typically cost less than a high-quality straight razor, this does not make them inexpensive. Hence, consider how much you want to spend before purchasing this shaving gear.  Establish a spending limit, and then explore your options accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

Are canned shaving creams compatible with shavettes?

Yes, but it’s not a good idea. Using a shavette properly requires the use of high-quality shaving cream. That is why use a shaving cream that effectively lubricates the skin for a close, comfortable shave.

What blades are compatible with new shavettes?

One of the best things about shavettes is that they work with normal safety razor blades and disposable straight razors. You can try different brands to see what works best according to your preferences. You might also want to test the sampler packs of different blade brands.


To get the most out of your purchase of a shavette, it’s important to know what factors to consider when buying one. We hope this post has been useful in guiding you toward a shavette that meets your needs and interests. 

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